Health Benefits of Urad Dal

How Urad Dals Are Beneficial For Us?

Urad dal is a rich source of protein and dietary fiber and also provides good amount of plant protein, which is essential for our body growth and development. Urad dal is not only famous in South Indian parts, but also in North Indian cuisine.
  • Urad dal contains a very good amount of magnesium, potassium, folic acid and iron which is good for women. As it is rich in iron it helps the body as a energy booster and keeps active.
  • Because of rich fiber content urad dals are known for improving digestion.
  • Urad Dal reduces cholesterol and boosts health of our heart
  • This dal is also known for having beauty benefits.Face packs made from urad dals are good for skin and helps in getting fair and flawless skin
  • Nutrients in urad dal strengthens bones and helps prevent bone disorders.