Health Benefits of Masoor Dal

How Masoor Dals Are Beneficial For Us?

Masoor dal is very high in fiber and is ideal for the ones suffering from high cholesterol. It is a good combination as it is rich in both nutrition and flavor. This dal can be served with rice, roti and paratha. Masoor whole is excellent to be included in one ’s daily diet.
  • Other than being tasty and delicious Masoor dal or also known as red lentils are also known for having anti ageing properties and rich for improving health.
  • Masoor dal helps in weight reduction because it is fibrous and low in fats.
  • This health beneficial dal lowers cholesterol and because of the potassium content in it risk of high blood pressure is also reduced.
  • Glycemic index values are low in masoor dals and hence they are good for diabetics.
  • Its boosts our immune system
  • Due to some vitamins and minerals it is good for our eyes.
  • Being a good source of minerals masoor dals are important growth and development of bones and teeth.