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Toor Dal
Laxmi Daily Feast Super Premium Toor Dal Oily
A premium Toor dal – Laxmi Daily Feast Oily Toor dal. Toor dal oily is ideal if you are planning to store it for a longer period, as the oil works as a natural preservative and protects the dal from getting infested. Toor dal oily should be consumed after been rinsed with water properly, so that the oil in it gets washed away. After cooking, it can be consumed both with roti and rice. This oily Toor dal is mostly consumed by Gujarati community. Toor dal is consumed in most parts of India, especially in western and southern states. The tasty sambhar, Gujarati dal, puran poli and dal fry are some of the finest delicacies prepared from it.

Laxmi Daily Feast Unpolished Toor Dal
Unpolished Toor Dal is very healthy as no oil or water is added for its processing. The fiber content of it remains intact, thus keeping the nutritional value of the dal same. This dal is not only beneficial for health but can also be cooked quickly. Unpolished toor dal is an ideal food for the people of all the age group.

Laxmi Prorich Toor Dal Oily
Laxmi Prorich Toor Dal Oily is full of protein and other important minerals. Toor dal is a brilliant source of carbohydrates that we need for energy . This dal not only increases the taste of your meals but also provided all kinds of nutrients. It is a dal which is consumed on a daily basis in almost all Indian households.

Laxmi Prorich Toor Dal Plain
Plain or Non- Oily Toor dal, this Toor dal is without any oil application. Many dishes like puran poli, sambhar and dal fry can be prepared. Toor dal is the staple food of India and is consumed on a daily basis in almost all Indian households along with rice and roti.

Laxmi Daily Feast Toor Whole
Toor whole also known as arhar or pigeon pea or Toor whole is very well-known and widely used pulses in Gujarat. The toor whole is light in taste and is popular across India.It is a storehouse of protein, folic acid, vitamins and minerals. A cup of cooked toor whole supplies around 11 grams of protein to the body. Toor whole is generally grounded in flour for use. The most common dishes made from it are Gujarati tuver na thotha, Toor dal soup.