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Laxmi Daily Feast Rajma Red
Rajma is also known as Red Kidney beans, Rajma-chawal the popular Indian dish is prepared from it. This bean is high in magnesium leading towards muscle, blood vessels and nerve relaxation. Rajma is very nutritious and makes the meal a delightful experience.

Laxmi Daily Feast Rajma White Chitra
Rajma white chitra is rich in fiber and is widely used in Indian households. This low fat rajma works wonder for people trying to reduce their weight. This kidney shaped beans is a global beans, as widely used around the world.

Laxmi Daily Feast Rajma Red Small
The red small rajma is a wholesome food, as it is high in iron content, thus very useful in the process of respiration. These small kidney beans are used to prepare tasty soups, curry , burrito, tortilla and many other Mexican dishes.