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Laxmi Daily Feast Moong Whole
The green whole moong is a type of pulses which can be consumed both as a snack and a whole meal. The green moong is loaded with vitamins and other essential minerals which, makes it a must-have on a daily basis. The whole green moong is also very useful in shedding those extra kilos. The mouth-watering dishes prepared from it are salads, soup, paratha etc.

Laxmi Daily Feast Moong Split/Fada
The split green gram with husk on it also called as moong chilka or fada is very low in saturated fat and sodium. The split dal is very mild in flavor and absorbs the taste of various spices and vegetables added to it while cooking. The lentil is easy to digest and is integral part of every Indian kitchen. From this split green grams tasty khichadi, dal tadka etc. can be prepared.

Laxmi Daily Feast Moong Dal
Yellow Moong dal is the most commonly found dal in Indian kitchen. The mild yellow in color dal is consumed on a daily basis in various parts of India. This legume is a rich source of protein and very low in fat, which makes it an ideal dal for health conscious people. Tasty and nutritious food like moong dal soup, moong dal halwa can be prepared from it. Moong dal is considered to be the healthiest among all the dals.

Laxmi Daily Feast Unpolished Moong Dal
The yellow gram is a storehouse of calcium, protein and fiber . These dals can be quickly cooked into lip smacking soups, stews and purees. The dal can also be used in combination with urad dal to make exotic vadas and medu vadas. The unpolished moong dals are a rich source of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6.