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Mix Pulses
Laxmi Daily Feast Mix Dal
This is a mixture of Moong Dal, Urad Dal, Chana Dal, Toor Dal and Masoor Dal. A pack in which you get all kinds of dal which are not only tasty, but has a high nutritional content. From this combination of pulses, Panchratan Dal can be cooked by adding various spices and herbs in it. It is usually served with roti, rice and paratha.

Laxmi Daily Feast Mix Whole Pulses
Mix whole pulse is a single pack of Moong Whole, Brown Chana, Kabuli
Chana, Mooth Whole, Green Peas and White Lobiya (Chola). Variety of delicious dishes can be prepared from it like curry , soups, etc. This pack is the storehouse of all kinds of vitamins and minerals essential for body health.