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Super Food – Horse Gram
Nutritional highlights…
Horse gram has been recognized as potential source of protein and other nutrients. It has high nutritional value equivalent to other commonly grown pulse crops in all aspects and also an excellent source of iron, molybdenum and calcium. Horse gram seed contains carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and calories as well as vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin and niacin per 100 grams of dry matter. However, several factors like the genotype, soil, fertilizer application, cultural practices, weather and climatic factors, post-harvest handling and storage can directly or indirectly affect the nutritional quality. Horse gram seed is low in fat and is excellent sources of protein, dietary fiber, a variety of micro-nutrients and phytochemicals still it has remained an underutilized food legume, consumed only by the farming communities of inaccessible areas and low-income groups.