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Laxmi Daily Feast Brown Chana Small
Brown chana small or Desi chana as it is popularly called as. The size is a bit smaller than Chana Big. It can be used in numerous ways; it can be sprouted, boiled, cooked and soaked. By the intake of brown chana, good amount of iron and protein are consumed. The cooked chana can be stored in refrigerator for 3-4 days.

Laxmi Daily Feast Kabuli Chana
Kabuli chana in English is called as chickpeas which are used to prepare a famous Punjabi dish “Chhole Bhature”. The legume is used in both whole and flour form. Kabuli chana is rich in soluble as well as insoluble dietary fiber , making it ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

Laxmi Daily Feast Brown Chana Big
Brown chana is also known as kala chana, it is the most commonly consumed pulses in India. This versatile lentil can be used in number of different ways; it can be used to prepare crunchy salads, tangy chaats, mouthwatering curries in combination with various other vegetables.

Laxmi Daily Feast Chana Dal
Chana dal is a nutty flavored legume; it is a storehouse of nutrition like zinc, calcium, protein, fiber and folate. Chana dal is also called as Bengal gram and is closely related to chickpea family . Chana dal is an integral part of every Gujarati cuisines. Popular dishes like khaman, dhokla and bhajiya are prepared from it. The most common dish made from chana dal in other parts of India is curry .

Laxmi Daily Feast Unpolished Chana Dal
In unpolished chana dal, no water, oil or any type of other substance is being added in it for its polishing. There is also no leather belt polishing being done to the dal, hence the dal is in its natural state, without any negotiation being done with the nutrient value of it. Unpolished chana dal are not only easy to cook, but are also very flavorsome.

Laxmi Daily Feast Green Chana
The green chana also known as green chickpea is a natural source of zinc and copper which boosts the immunity . The green chana is required to be soaked for few hours before being used. It becomes a little sweeter in taste when it is cooked. This chana can be boiled or sprouted for use in salad, chaats and curry .