Health Benefits Of Moong Dals

How Moong Dals Are Beneficial For Us?

Moong dal or green gram is a considered to be one of the best vegetarian dal which has health benefits too.
  • Moong dal has a very good amount of vitamins and also has an edible taste.
  • Apart from protecting our body from various diseases moong dal is also beneficial for improving our hair and skin.
  • Moong dal is also a good source for weight loss.Calorie count is very less and hence banishing fat is also quick.
  • Moong dal helps you to lower your cholesterol and also to manage your blood pressure.
  • Adding moong dal to your meals would help you to reduce the risk of anaemia as moong dals are a rich source of iron.
  • It also helps to rejuvenate skin by exfoliating it and dead skin cells are removed.Texture of the skin also brightens up because of moong dal.
  • For dry skin,you can retain the moisture with the help of moong dal.
  • Moong dal can be used to prevent the pores on the skin from clogging with oils and dirt.Hence it helps to prevent pimples and acne.