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How to make Moong Dal Halwa?

Moong Dal Halwa

Lentils is the most nutritious and integrated part of Indian food course. Be it Halwa everybody just loves it!

Moong dal halwa is a special recipe as it includes 9 types of lentils in it.



  • 1 cup Moong Dal
  • a few kesar strands
  • 2 tbsp warm milk
  • 1/2 cup ghee
  • 1 cup warm milk
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar
  • 1/2 tsp elaichi powder

For The Garnish:

  • 2 tbsp almonds (badam) slivers
  • Method:
    • Soak the yellow moong dal in enough water for 3 hours. Drain well and blend in a mixer to a coarse paste without using any water. Keep aside.
    • Dissolve the Kesar in 1 tablespoon of warm milk and keep aside.
    • Take a non-stick kadhai and heat the ghee, add the moong dal paste and cook on a medium flame for 30 minutes, while stirring continuously.
    • Add the milk and 1 cup of warm water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 8 to 9 minutes, while stirring continuously.
    • Add the sugar, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 5 minutes, while stirring continuously.
    • Add the Kesar-milk mixture, elaichi powder, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minute, while stirring continuously.
    • Serve warm garnished with almond slivers.

    Navratna Dosa

    Navratna Dosa

    Lentils is the most nutritious and integrated part of Indian food course. Be it rasam, dal or sambhar everybody just loves it!

    Navratna Dosa is a special recipe as it includes 9 types of lentils in it.


    Other Ingredients:

  • 1 cup Rice
  • 1 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds
  • ½ cup Grated Coconut
  • Handful of Poha
  • 4-6 Dry Red Chillies
  • Salt to Taste
  • Method:
    • Soak all lentiles, rice and fenugreek seeds in water for minimum 5 hours (preferably overnight)
    • Now take all the soaked ingredients and blend them together. Keep this batter in a warm place to ferment.
    • Add poha, red chillies and coconut together and grind it to make a fine paste.
    • Once the batter is fermented, add the paste we prepared in the previous step and salt according to taste.
    • Mix it well.
    • Your healthy dosa batter is now ready! Prepare it and serve hot.

    How to make paneer fritters?

    How to make paneer fritters? Paneer Fritters Recipe

    Paneer fritters are a unique preparation of chilli garlic flavoured paneer coated deep-fried to perfect golden brown. It is a wonderful accompaniment to tea or juice and will be loved by all.
    • 150 gm finger cut cottage cheese
    • 1 tsp garlic paste
    • Salt to taste
    • ½ tsp chat masala
    • For batter-
    • 2/3 tbsp Laxmi Toor Dal paste
    • Salt to taste
    • ¼ tsp baking soda
    • 2 tbsp corn flour
    • 2 tbsp coriander mint paste
    • Chat masala as required
    • For serving –
    • Ketchup
    • Green chutney
    • In a bowl, marinate the cottage cheese in garlic paste, salt and chat masala.
    • For the batter
    • Take toor dal paste in a bowl. Add salt, baking soda, corn flour, coriander mint paste and mix well to prepare the batter.
    • Dip the marinated cottage cheese in the batter and coat it well. Fry the fritters in oil at high flame till light brown. Remove to a serving plate, sprinkle chat masala and serve with dates–tamarind chutney and green chutney.

    How to make toor methi ni mini idli?

    How to make toor methi ni mini idli? Toor Methi Ni Mini Idli Recipe

    Toor Methi Ni Mini Idli is one easy snack for kids who come back from school hungry. You can make it with less effort, still kids will love to have it. It had minimum simple ingredients, yet burst of flavors.
    • 1 bowl soaked and crushed Laxmi Toor Dal
    • ½ cup fresh fenugreek leaves
    • 1 tbsp ginger, garlic and chili paste
    • Salt as per taste
    • 1 tsp rice flour
    • A pinch of baking soda
    • For serving –
    • Sambhar
    • Coconut chutney
    • Dry red chatni powder (molgapadi) (Maharastrian Chatni)
    • Take the crushed toor dal in a mixing bowl and add fresh fenugreek leaves to it.
    • Next add ginger, garlic and chili paste.
    • Now add salt and rice flour to the bowl. Lastly, add a pinch of soda,mix well and prepare the batter.
    • Grease a mini idli stand with oil and pour the batter in it. Boil water in a steamer, place the idli stand in it and steam for 10 minutes.
    • Remove the stand from the steamer and let it cool for 5 minutes. Unmold the idlis onto a serving plate. Serve with sambhar, coconut chutney and molgapadi.
    Whole moong dal

    How to make whole moong dal?

    How to make whole moong dal? Punjabi Style Whole Moong Dal Recipe

    The green moong beans are cooked in a pressure cooker. moong beans as well as moong lentils are preferred , to make dals or khichdis as they are easy to digest and nutritious.the taste of this yummy and delicious moong dal really goes awesome with rotis or steamed rice.
    • ½ cup moong dal, soaked in water for an hour
    • 2 tbsp oil
    • 1 medium tej patta
    • ½ tsp cumin seeds
    • 1 medium onion chopped onion
    • ½ cup finely chopped tomatoes
    • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
    • ¼ tsp turmeric powder
    • ¼ tsp red chili powder
    • ½ tsp coriander powder
    • ¼ tsp garam masala powder
    • 2.5 cups water
    • 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
    • salt as required
    • heat 2 tbsp oil in a cooker, add 1 medium tej patta, ½ tsp cumin seeds. saute till the cumin seeds start crackling.
    • Now add the chopped onions and saute them till they get light golden and add 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste, chopped green chilies. stir and saute them properly.
    • now add chopped tomatoes, ¼ tsp turmeric powder, ¼ tsp red chili powder, ½ tsp coriander powder and ¼ tsp garam masala powder stir and saute till the tomatoes soften, become pulpy and you see oil releasing from the sides.
    • add 2 cups water and salt as per taste. stir very well. cover and pressure cook for 15 minutes on a medium flame till the beans are softened thoroughly. when the pressure settles down on its own, open the lid and check the beans.
    Tempering the Dal:
    • heat 1 tbsp oil in a small pan and add cumin seeds first.
    • switch off the flame and then add a pinch of asafoetida and ¼ tsp red chili powder. stir.
    • add this tempering to the green moong dal. stir well.
    • add chopped coriander leaves.
    • serve whole green moong dal with steamed rice or chapatis

    Urad Dal Recipe

    Urad Dal Recipe

    A recipe that is simple and easy to make,urad dal is healthy and tasty.You can serve urad dal with rice or jeera rice and also with rotis.
    • 1 cup Urad dal
    • 1 Cup urad dal
    • 1/2 Tsp turmeric powder(haldi)
    • 3 cups of water
    • 1 length wise sliced onion
    • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
    • 1 Tsp cumin seeds
    • A pinch of Hing
    • 2 Tsp red chilly powder
    • 2 Tsp ghee or melted butter
    • salt to taste
    • Take a pressure cooker, add dal in it.Wash it frequently unless the water appears clear.Then take 4 cups of water and soak urad dal in it for around 15-20 minutes or for some more time.
    • Rinse out the water and wash it after the dal is soaked.Then add 3 cups of water,some turmeric powder, 1 tsp of oil , salt as per taste and mix.
    • Now close the lid and place a weight on the lid of the pressure cooker and cook it on medium heat.
    • Roast the peanuts till they become crisp on low flame. Cool and then coarsely powder in a grinder.
    • Add grinded peanuts, salt, finely chopped green chillies, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Mix the entire mixture well.
    • After about 9-10 minutes the cooker will steam.Turn the heat and again cook for 3-5 minutes. You can now turn off the stove and wait for the steam until it goes down.
    • You can prepare onion and cumin seed tadka while the dal is cooking.Keep it aside.
    • Open the pressure cooker and check the dal.If it is thick add some water.It should not be overcooked.The dal should be soft but not pasty.
    • Now add onion tadka to it,mix it well and cook it.
    • After that add cumin seed tadka to it and cook for around 1 minute.
    • The dal is ready now. Transfer it to a bowl and serve it.

    Masoor dal Recipe

    How to make Masoor dal?

    Masoor dal or pink lentils – a simple yet tasty masoor dal recipe. This is an easy masoor dal recipe and good for everyday cooking. These lentils are also used in combination with other 4 lentils to make a special dal with 5 lentils.
    • 1 cup Masoor Dal
    • 3 cups water
    • 2 tsp jeera
    • 2 tsp adrak-lahsun paste
    • 2 medium onion, chopped
    • 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
    • 2 green hari mirch
    • 1½ tsp haldi
    • 1 tsp lal mirch powder
    • 1 tsp punjabi garam masala powder
    • 1½ tsp crushed kasuri methi
    • 3 tbsp cream
    • 4 tbsp oil
    • salt
    • Wash masoor dal and soak it for some time.
    • Else just pressure cook masoor dal with 3 cups water till they are cooked.
    • Take a pan and heat oil,fry the Jeera first.
    • After add the onions.onions cooked properly.and a step in important for make this dal.
    • Add the adrak-lahsun paste and fry for one minute.
    • Add the tomatoes and Hari mirch and cooked again for a few minutes.
    • Now add all the spices.And kasuri methi. Mix it properly.
    • Now add this mixture to the cooked masoor.Mix it properly by adding salt.
    • Add some water and cooked dal medium flame.

    Toor Dal Recipe

    Toor Dal Recipe

    Toor dal or Arhar dal or split pigeon peas or Tur dal is Skinned and split toor dal is the most widely-used form of the lentil. It is used in popular recipes like south India sambhar, Gujarati dals, the famous puran poli and lots of other tasty dishes. Toor dal has a thick gelatinous or meaty consistency, and takes a little longer to cook than moong or masoor dal.Toor dal can be served with rice or can be relished as soup also by adding some vegetables like peas and carrots as per desire.
    • 1 Cup of toor daal
    • 1 Tomato chopped finely
    • 1 Onion chopped finely
    • 1 Tsp hing
    • 1 Tsp coriander powder(dhania powder)
    • 1 Tsp red chilly powder
    • Some coriander leaves
    • 1 Tsp meethi seeds
    • 2 Cloves of garlic (minced)
    • 2 Inch of ginger (minced)
    • 1 Tsp meethi seeds
    • 3 Tsp of lemon juice
    • 1/2 Tsp turmeric powder (haldi powder)
    • Salt to taste
    • In a bowl take 1 cup of toor daal and soak it for around 30 minutes.
    • Cook it for 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker adding some salt and turmeric (haldi) powder.
    • On the other side take a pan and saute chopped tomatoes,onions,some red chilly powder,hing,garlic, ginger and meethi seeds for 4-5 minutes.
    • After 4-5 minutes add this mixture to the boiled daal then add a bit of lemon juice and you can garnish it with coriander leaves.
    moong fada khichadi

    Moong Fada Ni Masala Khichdi

    Moong Fada ni Masala Khichdi Recipe

    Fada ni khichdi is a awesome meal that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or any time of the day for that matter. Nutritious broken wheat and yellow moong dal simmered with vegetables and spices, this dish is quite wholesome and does not even require any grand accompaniments.
    • 1 cup broken wheat (dalia)
    • 1/2 cup moong dal (split green gram)
    • 1/2 cup green peas
    • 2 small potatoes , cubed
    • 2 small onions , cubed
    • 2 small tomatoes , cubed
    • 3 to 4 garlic cloves , crushed
    • salt to taste
    • 1 tbsp oil
    • 2 cloves
    • 1 stick cinnamon
    • 4 to 5 whole dry kashmiri red chillies
    • 4 to 5 peppercorns
    • 1/4 tsp dried mango powder
    • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
    • Wash the broken wheat and moong dal with water.
    • Heat the oil in a presure cooker and add the garlic and saute the garlic till it turns golden brown in colour.
    • Add cloves, cinnamon stick, dry kashmiri chillies dry mango powder and turmeric powder and saute for 1 minute.
    • Add the potatoes , onions, tomatoes , green peas ,broken wheat and moong dal, mix well and add the salt and 3 cups of water and mix well.
    • Cook on high flame for 5 whistles.
    • Once ot get cooked properly close the flame.
    • Serve hot with curds or kadhi.
    moong dal halwa

    How to make moong dal halwa? Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

    How to make moong dal halwa? Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

    Moong Dal Halwa is a rich sweet from north india. It is usually made on celebratory or festive occasions like holi, diwali, marriages etc.
    • 1 cup moong dal
    • 9 to 10 tbsp ghee
    • 4 cardamoms or ¼ to â…“ tsp cardamom powder
    • 10-12 chopped unsalted pistachios
    • 10-12 blanched almonds
    • 1 tbsp golden raisins
    • 1 cup fat milk
    • 2 cups water
    • 1 or 1.25 cups sugar
    • Soak Moong Dal in enough water for overnight.
    • In morning drain the dal and crush it to make a smooth paste with ¼ or â…“ cup water.
    • Take a pan, add ghee to it and then add grounded paste of moong dal to it. Keep Stirring on low flame.
    • Cook the halwa till you get the aroma of moong dal and it becomes lumpy. Break the lumps while stirring.
    • In another pan take milk, water and sugar and heat on low-medium flame till all the sugar gets dissolved. Heat to boiling point
    • Moong Dal mixture should be consistent enough before you add hot milk mixture to it. The fat should get separated and mixture should turn brown.
    • Once the moong dal mixture is ready add hot milk mixture to it. Stir Continuously.
    • After sometime you will see the ghee getting out.
    • Now add cardamom powder,pistachios and almonds.
    • Serve hot