Art Of Cooking 1 – Rajkot 2016

Art Of Cooking 1 – Rajkot 2016

Recently, ladies of Rajkot participated in a cookery show organized by ART OF COOKING and presented by KHODAL MASALA.In this event LAXMI TOOR DAL was the gift sponsor.The show was judged by Shivani Mehta, Ripudaman Handa and chef Ashish Singh.

Shivani Mehta has been one of the top 13 contestants of masterchef season 3 and also a winner of RASOI NI MAHARANISPARDHA. She is very passionate about cooking and loves to experiment with different dishes and flavors.Talking about Ripudaman Handa, he managed to emerge as the winner of masterchef season 3 crossing all the hurdles that came his way. Chef Ashish Singh was a finalist of season 4 masterchef India.He happens to be a multi-cuisine specialist,Menu Designer,Restaurateur,Fast Food Artist and many more qualities to add to his achievement list.

The gift sponsors,laxmi toor dal has engraved its name on the Indian platter. Rooted to Vasad,Gujarat, a town recognised as the leading toor dal processing centre in the world. Laxmi toor dal aims to serve the best quality products.

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