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Art Of Cooking 2 – Rajkot 2016

Art Of Cooking 2 – Rajkot 2016

Directed And Hosted By
Chef Ripudaman Handa
Shivani Mehta

A show that is popular among ladies was held in Rajkot. Around 200 attendees were present for the event. The show was present by SATVAM – Spices and Instant Mixes. Subject of the cooking competition was to make any starter using satvam instant mix.

The gift sponsors were Laxmi Toor Dal, a company that is dedicated to make India protein-rich.Rooted to Vasad,Gujarat, a town recognised as the leading toor dal processing centre in the world. Laxmi toor dal aims to serve the best quality products.

After the cooking competition, a workshop on how to make tempting international starter was conducted by CHEF DOLCEE who was in Master Chef Season.